We believe

In the Authority and Power of the Bible

What We Believe

The Purpose of God

We, being a corporate body of people of like precious faith, believing in the Lord Jesus Christ individually for eternal life through His vicarious death and the power of His resurrection; believing the Bible to be God’s Word and the revelation of His will to man and accepting it as our all-sufficient rule for faith and conduct; and believing that Christian fellowship, mutual edification and evangelical effort, in and through the form and body of local churches of God’s ordained order for His people and that those of each local church are adjoined to assemble themselves together for worship, fellowship, counsel and instruction in the Word of God, and the work of the Ministry; and for the exercising of those mutual gifts and offices provided for in the New Testament;


We believe that God is not answerable to anyone for any of His actions. That as King and ruler of all, He exercises His will without any accountability to anyone, but Himself. There is no power or person who can overturn, come, or make void the will and purpose of God. He does not seek counsel from anyone; He is the creator of all and holds all things together in accordance with His will, and for His good pleasure (Isaiah 45:9, 55:6-11; Romans 9:20-21).

The One True God
The one true God has revealed Himself as the eternally self-existent, self-revealed, The “I Am.” He is Elohim; God is Spirit who has further revealed Himself in the personality of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. These expressions of His being are one in redemption and the Holy Spirit in the Church (Genesis 1:1; Deuteronomy 6:4; Mark 12:29; Isaiah 43:10-11; Matthew 28:19; John 8:55-59; 14:8-12, 16-18, 23, 26, 15:26)
The Authority and Power of The Bible

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, a revelation from God to man, the infallible rule of faith and conduct and is superior to conscience and reason, but not contrary to reason. We believe in the verbal plenary inspiration of the bible in its original translation. We believe the Bible is the answer to all man’s needs and is the line for all discovery and discernment of Truth. We believe the Word of God is to be obeyed, and every activity and intention of the church and each member must conform to its teaching (Hebrews 4:12-13;II Timothy 3:15-16; I Peter 2:2; II Peter 1:20-21).

The Uniqueness and Universality of Christ

We affirm that there is only one Savior and only one gospel, although there is a wide diversity of evangelistic approaches. We recognize that everyone has some knowledge of God through his general revelation in nature. But we deny that this can save, for people suppress the truth by their unrighteousness. We also reject as derogatory to Christ and the gospel every kind of cretinism and dialogue which implies that Christ speaks equally through all religions and ideologies. Jesus Christ, being himself the only God-man, who gave himself as the only ransom for sinners, is the only mediator between God and people. There is no other name by which we must be saved. All men and women are perishing because of sin, but God loves everyone, not wishing that any should perish but that all should repent. Yet those who reject Christ repudiate the joy of salvation and condemn themselves to eternal separation from God. To proclaim Jesus as "the Savior of the world" is not to affirm that all people are either automatically or ultimately saved, still less to affirm that all religions offer salvation in Christ. Rather it is to proclaim God's love for a world of sinners and to invite everyone to respond to him as Savior and Lord in the wholehearted personal commitment of repentance and faith. Jesus Christ has been exalted above every other name; we long for the day when every knee shall bow to him and every tongue shall confess him Lord.

GAL. 1:6-9;ROM. 1:18-32; I TIM. 2:5,6; ACTS 4:12